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Saturday, January 16, 2010
rhymin in the mornin

just now
it is 2 am and i am still awake,
listening to coldplay and thinking of cake,
what shall i do tomorrow i still do not know,
there's nothing to buy or places to go.

this morning
i had a dream this morning and it was nice,
i cant remember exactly but there were guys,
one drove a red car and he was my ride,
i sat at the passenger seat right by his side,
he was talking about his sister then she suddenly appear,
right at the backseat pinching my ear;
i was so surprised i jolted awake,
only to realise my mother by the bed,
trying to get me up as i was late,
i need to be in office at 9 and it was then half past 8.

nestle crunch ice cream and tropicana orange juice,
trouble by coldplay on the playlist,
singing along and feeling the blues,
while browsing tumblr about "all the single ladies".

good night
good night for now, good night for later,
i know i wont tuck in yet, i am a VERY late sleeper,
gonna continue picoult's the pact while listening
to vanilla twilight by owl city,
reading the love between chris and the dead emily.

Posted at 02:34 am by baz

    Categories: random, rhymes

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