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Friday, January 01, 2010

i was in the middle of writing a post when a creephead called.

i need a moment to compose myself. blog post postponed.

Posted at 08:53 pm by baz
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Thursday, December 24, 2009
fred weasley


these few days; i think after i saw jkrowling's documentary in the half-lood prince dvd when she drew the weasley's family tree (starting at 2:50 here); i keep thinking aout fred. i dont know why ut i guess it finally sunk in to me that he is gone. and that george is never ok, (jkr:"of course he would never e all right would he?"), and he is married to fred's ex-girlfriend, ecause together they would e happy.

the thing aout fred's death that saddened me most is, that i never expected it. after george lost an ear, i thought, that's it, that's it for the twins, she's not going to harm them anymore, ecause they already lost something. ut no, she has to kill fred. she just have to do that. why jkr, why?

imagine losing a twin. imagine losing a part of yourself. and you cant get it ack. thats how i feel aout it. and that's what it feels like right now.

Posted at 01:12 am by baz
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009
colbie caillat - breaking at the cracks

today was my consultant/ex-boss' last day at work. like ever. after he quit the company when he was my boss, he came back as a consultant. but he's not coming back anymore now. i thought i wasn't going to be all sad about it, but when he came over to my place before we went back today, and say all those "all the best/take care of the system nicely/you'll be fine" things and left, i had a tear in my eye. oh well.

so how do you pick up the pieces when you're left behind? and i dont even know if i'm any good, and we hv already committed to a big project next year. during these moment quotes from potter said by dumbledore never fail to spring to my mind: "We must not sink beneath our anguish Harry, but battle on", and "It is our choices Harry, that show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities". my current boss asked me if i can handle the upcoming project, and whether or not we should continue with it or just cancel, and i choose to say yes to continue on. because, it doesnt matter whether i am able to do it, at least i choose, and i chose TO TRY, and for me that is what matters.

Posted at 11:31 pm by baz
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Sunday, December 13, 2009
just do it

i realised for a while now, that i am very bad with weekends. i'll hv a lot of things planned out, then i will spend friday/saturday nights with internet, sleep when it is 6am, and wake up at 2pm on saturday/sunday. which will basically kill all my plans as the plans usually involve me going out of the house at 10am.

but today i found myself doing a few things that i planned this weekend after being prompted by favourite second cousin raudzah (who dont update her twitter but nevermind). and i realised that you dont have to drop all your plans just because it didnt start well. you can still pick it up midway and continue on. even if you got lost along the way, or if you cant find the things you're looking for.

and that is how i got to order cupcakes and bought philosopher's stone today! in addition to that i also bought the pirated-blue-ray-converted-to-dvd version of half-blood prince and IT SUCKED. you cant fool me you pirates, i hv the original dvd (non blue ray) and you dont even have half of the extra features, you ungrateful weasel. i dunno whether i shud ask for a refund or a change of dvd or something, i mean i know it's pirated so it's not like you can expect much, but surely those pirates should know better to copy the whole thing from the original? grr

anyways i watched the documentary on jk rowling on the (original) dvd and i SO badly want to screencap the sutitles ala fuckyeahsubtitles at tumblr for this dearjkr.tumblr but i cant cap it on this pc cz it cant play dvd. thinking of borrowing someones laptop. or maybe i can do it in office hehe.

so tomorrow i'll do the other half of my plans for this weekend. tho it's already 4:41am and m still not sleeping yet so we'll see how things go.

Posted at 04:49 am by baz
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Friday, December 11, 2009
weekend planner

+ times sq/bb plaza/low yat to get this nike duffel/travel bag that i hv seen some time ago. long shot to find it but you hv to try
+ sogo to buy underwear. about time for new ones! ...sorry, tmi
+ +wondermilk to order cupcakes for colleague's bday. wonder if they can customise..i want to put diamond, plasma tv, our boss' volvo, shopping bags, baby bottle as the icing
+ amcorp mall's bookxcess to get harry potter and the philosopher's stone. i know, i know i potter rant so much yet i do not own the first 3 books
+ ikea to check out those drawer/wardrobe thing. my bed cant handle all my clothes anymore

Posted at 09:40 pm by baz
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Friday, December 04, 2009
feeling the blues

today is the second night straight i dont think m sleeping because i desperately want to rid this pc from virus/trojan/whatever. i've already lost my precious pictures from my phone (MY BEAUTIFUL ICECREAM BDAY CAKE) because i irritably formatted the sd-card as it is infected with those scorned things, now i just hope the external hardisk is clean so i can transfer everything from this pc into it. which brings me to the next point. i hope this pc crash after 30 days time as thats how long kaspersky antivirus trial version runs, so i dont feel so bad that i want to get a shining brand new pc with thin flat screen.

harry potter and the deathly hallows the movie part one
a lot of promotional things has gone up, these videos and this picture being the latest ones, though i think it is partly because the half-blood prince and the also the ultimate edition dvds are coming out next week. nevertheless, in less than a year's time, specifically 19Nov2010, the movie will be out. in less than a year's time, there will be less one movie to finish the series. i hv come to feel the end of this all, and it is making me feel hollow.

owl city
my facebook status is "why do i tire of counting sheep? when i'm far too tired to fall asleep" from owl city's fireflies. however it's this line from the saltwater room keeps repeating in my head today: "What will it take to make or break this hint of love? When we're apart whatever are you thinking of? So tell me darling, do you wish we'd fall in love?" as i realised i'm starting to check out guys on the streets now.

im feeling the blues yeah? maybe its the end of year thing, maybe its the fact that i hvnt gone to a stress-free vacation for a while, or the fact that work has started to get serious and there are no more room for being a newbie and trying out things anymore. maybe it's because the lack of sleep, though that is not exactly because i got no time to sleep, but it's just because i dont want to. maybe because harry potter is ending, and i desperately want to go to a midnight release in UK or US whr we can wear a cloak, a round spectacle and a lightning bolt scar on our foreheads without feeling pretentious or weird. maybe because i'm jealous that my brother will be spending boxing day in london, very close to platform 9 3/4 and he doesnt even remotely has the closest clue of just how much that platform means to me n a lot of ppl. or maybe it's just because i'm lonely..for some weird reason i feel that in my heart and i dont know why.

Posted at 01:53 am by baz
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Tuesday, December 01, 2009
my november

played paintball for the first time, won one point for the team | went to singapore, and realised it wasnt all it hyped up to be | when we got back realised that in singapore we went to the wrong places thus the previous sentence is void | colleague made me an ice cream cake for my bday! the first time anyone has ever done that. this day i will remember for a long time to come | one of my best of frends got married. wait i think there shud be some emphasis there. one of my best of frends got married!! was the bridesmaid, cant finger point exactly why but it was a happy weekend all around | had the weirdest raya haji ever. the first time we did not wear baju raya on that day | tho it was cool cz spent a bit of the day kait rambutan and proceed to eat them under the tree itself. felt like org bandar kat kampung. cam poyo but cool | my boss got married. at KL TOWER!! however emphasis is not significant cz we missed the sunset cocktail time. made a wrong turning n got lost in KL

so that was what i did in november. and hv u realised it yet? hv it sunk in? it's already december. just what hv i done this year?

Posted at 09:28 pm by baz
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Sunday, October 25, 2009
my tumblrs, and about going out

i've been spending so much time updating my potter tumblr, and i just made another tumblr for fun. i'd like to keep a-marauder strictly potter related, so dontmakeasound is for other things. the concept of tumblr is cool, if anybody wants to start a blog tumblr is a good place to start. u can easily put audio, video, links but i think the fun thing about tumblr is following ppl and reblogging their post.

anyways. my aunt came n spent the whole day here in the house yesterday so she saw me all the time sitting in front of the pc, not talking to anyone, not eating and basically doing nothing but browsing internet so at one point she asked: 'tak kluar ke ina? cuti ni?" (aren't you going out? it's the weekend"); so i stopped a while and see what exactly i was doing at that time.

well, i was:
i. updating both tumblrs
ii. updating twitter while watching half-blood prince
iii. thinking of changing my blogspot's template to this
iv. and basically browsing 10 other tabs in my internet explorer

the thing is, not that i dont like going out, its just that i never want to initiate going anywhr, because i think unless i'm asked specifically where i want to go, the rights of deciding whr to go lies to the person who asked the other person out, which most of the time that person HAS A CAR, and CAN DRIVE.

and it's so much effort to go out. if u want 5 ppl to go out together, u have to plan and plan to make sure that everyody is free, nobody's boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancee had made plans with them, and basically make sure we're going to a place whr everybody can find sumthing to do, or dont mind doing the thing that you're planning to do. and most of the time i DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO WEAR. (yes lame as it is, that's actually a big prolem)

i dont mind going out just the two of us, or the three of us. i find those time easier  actually. at least somebody will listen to me. a lot of the time i have something to talk about but when there's too many ppl i just think it's not important.

maybe i'm looking at it too deep. i feel spontaneous planning is best. want to go out - ask whoever that's availale - go out - get/do things - come back. then nobody can say anything, cz if you're not available today, i'll see u some other time. and if nobody is available i'll just go out by myself. no problem. most of the time i only want to go bukit bintang to look at things and times square for borders anyways. or sogo.

with that said for my birthday this year can i please go somewhr far? officemates are planning lunch+bday cake+theme colour of the day but i really dont want anything.

Posted at 04:24 pm by baz
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Saturday, October 10, 2009
the doctor is in

my friend just officially finished med school and passed her exams, so hazwani, congratulations! | my mother is asking whether or not i want her to sew the bridesmaid baju kurung for aminah's wedding | and after the longest week ever at work, i concur the words of panic at the disco in the green gentlemen: "things have changed for me, but thats ok, i feel the same, i'm on my way and i say, things have changed for me, but that's ok" | to remember the awesome things the world has to offer, see 1000awesomethings. my favourite is: #755 When you arrive at the bus stop just as the bus is coming around the corner, #836 When you push the button for the elevator and it's already there and the classic #854 Crying.

Posted at 06:12 pm by baz
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Thursday, October 08, 2009
so i just stare


i cant help my heart
if it wants to break
i cant help my head
if it wants dead

Posted at 02:22 am by baz
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