Entry: crushed by a crush. and talking to myself Saturday, April 25, 2009

once in a while, i have a crush on some random ppl on the internet. for now it is jake from jake and amir on college humor. and usually the same thing will happen. i would know that he has a girlfriend.

i am sad

but somehow, this guy, i still hvnt found out if he has one. yea, i've had a crush on him for a while. for awhile means since late last year.

and by the way. talking to oneself ala jakeandamir is cool. no, its not, it's lame. thats waht you think. ya but i'm you, so shut up. you shut up. you first. so u wana be last? GOD ENOUGH. FINE!

p/s: the making of this blog post took 4 hours. thats 4hours of browsing everything i can find on jake -- hence the links. in total there are 6 if u missed it.


December 17, 2009   12:00 AM PST
daniel john: sometimes the truth hurts a bit too..
term papers: why thank you... *blushes

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