Entry: harry potter and the deathly hallows the movie Saturday, April 25, 2009

i cant believe it's already the last book they're filming. but it seems so long ago since the first movie. i cant even remember when and where i watched it first. but i remember going to the cinema watching it multiple times.

nways. this picture makes me nervous about the last movie:

ok not nervous exactly, but i cant describe the feeling, so

this picture defines the whole book. THIS, was the start of the whole journey of the hallows quest. this picture ends the happiness the trio felt, the innocence and the security of family.

(a little background of the pic, aka the best bits of bill+fluer's wedding):
it was bill (ron's brother) and fleur's wedding. it was a very big wedding, seeing it is the first of the weasley's family, and it also involves fleur's family, who are from france. all from the order was there, and the wedding was awesome. even victor krum was there, and there was a scene ron posessively whisking hermione away for a dance when she was talking to victor. she went off slightly coy, and victor asks harry 'so they're together now?'. it was so cute. oh and before that ron saying wow at how pretty hermione are, 'always with a tone of surprise'. anyways, at the end of the wedding, the death eaters came and wreck the whole place, and the trio managed to get away, apparated by hermione to a London sidewalk. and this was the picture.

re reading that i dont think i made it justice. but seriously, this picture is epic. Extremely Powerfully Insanely Cool. this was the start of it all everyone. This, is the start of the Deathly Hallows.


April 28, 2009   01:44 AM PDT
oh ya mines!
first n last time pg mines rasanya

3 more movies to go!


April 27, 2009   09:11 PM PDT
and then we made it a yearly event...hehhe..once every year...or 2 year?
bleh~ :p
new hp muvi ka? hmm..sounds like a plan?
April 27, 2009   03:49 PM PDT
the 1st time u watched hp was:
- at mines tgv
- in 1998

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