Entry: current things Friday, May 29, 2009

1. note to self: dont emotionally blow-up now...you've been sooo good last few days. dont think about things to much, what's important is to learnlearnlearn. do NOT think about anything else.

2. the latest make me a supermodel 2 episode is the best one yet. LOVELOVELOVE sandhurst. so funny. but mountaha....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

3. i went crazy and bought 4 books last weekend. to kill a mockingbird - harper lee (which i've read), the facts and fictions of minna pratt - patricia mclachan (my favourite book of ALL TIME. finally found it), the catcher in the rye - j.d. salinger (which i've read the malay translation) and the hichhiker's guide to the galaxy - douglas adams (which i've seen the movie). so basically, i bought things that i wont be reading any time soon. i AM reading something though. besides vba and sql programming things, reading scarlet letter - nathaniel hawthorne. my pathetic attempt on classics.

4. new job = roller coaster ride of emotions and brain wave


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