Entry: the harry potter in us all Friday, July 17, 2009

once in a while, i think we all feel like we're thrown into something that is bigger than us. example, at workplace, whr we're supposed to do things that we never had to do before, finish things that we did not start and guide ppl about things that we ourselves are not sure about. like harry potter.

harry potter came into the world with his fate written in his scar. with that scar, he is the marked one; the chosen one. as he grew up, most saw him as a hero, saw him as the reason of the fall of voldemort, but some knew that voldemort is just bidding his time, and harry will again needed to fill the shoe of a fighter, to fight against voldemort.

harry started as a relunctant hero. he didnt want the fame, nor the responsibility it apparently came with. sheltered as he is, danger came to him, and he has no choice but to fight.

but as time goes, he realised that it is his destiny, and it is his responsiility and as much as he wants to run away from it, he cant. because deep inside, he knows it is him who has to finish it, and no one else. and deep inside, he knows he actually WANTS to do it.

and so he embraced it. he fought through with determination n though he dont always hv the faintest clue about what he's doing, he did it anyway.

i believe that we can all see ourselves in harry potter. at some point in life, we hv to become that relunctant hero, with unknown things to do and unknown territory to conquer.

so what are you going to do about it? the choice is to break down and run, or to face it as a challenge, stare it in the eye n grab it in your hands.

in the spirit of a harry potter fan, i vow to embrace it. and with the will of Allah, i hope i do it good.


breaking out from this emo rant, i'm going to watch harry potter and the half-blood prince tomorrow. oh be still heart, only 12 more hours to go.


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