Entry: internet presence and other things Friday, August 21, 2009

hai. felt like i've been gone long enough so here i am again

(all right let's just jump into this post)
for a while now i've been wanting to get tumblr, after sorting through so many harry potter related ones. been wanting the url thesilverdoe.tumblr.com, after my most favourite chapter in all seven potter books, but it's taken. thought of gaunt.tumblr.com, but i dont want to be associated with Voldemort's family so in the end succumbed to a-marauder.tumblr.com.

so basically, i am here(s) in the internet world:
blogdrive | blogspot | flickr | tumblr | twitter
that shud satisfy all my internet writing/picture posting/potter rantings/little thoughts needs

on other news, it's ramadhan in 1 day time, and honestly i cant wait. time to cleanse the body toxins, including the sins. and i hope to do better with my (new) job too, now that i dont hv to think about lunch and tea time all day. haih, i think i peaked too early, cz the boss said 'why u so slow' just yesterday when that is really my normal pace.

self reminder: i also need to (more like want to):
* cancel streamyx and sign up with P1 wimax, in attempt to get faster internet
* buy hard disk, so to not cramp this old pc. and so i can download the big bang theory and flight of the concords
* cancel insurance, find out about LIFE insurance, and get started to get ASB
* get glasses! honestly going blind right about now

oh and a friend of mine contracted H1N1! best wishes n much love, Alia. get well soon..

wow that's alot of ramblings so, ok enough for now. ta


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