Entry: today Saturday, September 26, 2009

today was an eventful day and somehow i feel i have to hv it chronicled

1. went to petaling street, my sister bought a faux lesportsac travel bag, haggled till 50% off
2. finally opened a ASb account, thus one of this year's new year resolution crossed
3. next stop was kl sentral. went by komuter, after waiting for the train for 10 minutes thought: WHY DIDNT WE TAKE THE LRT??
4. paid my study loan after 3 months
5. went to low yat plaza, where we bought my dad a new phone, and my sister a pendrive
6. met some guy i longed to meet while waiting for a bus to mid valley
7. bought the time traveler's wife and found this finally in harry potter and the order of the pheonix american edition


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