Entry: just do it Sunday, December 13, 2009

i realised for a while now, that i am very bad with weekends. i'll hv a lot of things planned out, then i will spend friday/saturday nights with internet, sleep when it is 6am, and wake up at 2pm on saturday/sunday. which will basically kill all my plans as the plans usually involve me going out of the house at 10am.

but today i found myself doing a few things that i planned this weekend after being prompted by favourite second cousin raudzah (who dont update her twitter but nevermind). and i realised that you dont have to drop all your plans just because it didnt start well. you can still pick it up midway and continue on. even if you got lost along the way, or if you cant find the things you're looking for.

and that is how i got to order cupcakes and bought philosopher's stone today! in addition to that i also bought the pirated-blue-ray-converted-to-dvd version of half-blood prince and IT SUCKED. you cant fool me you pirates, i hv the original dvd (non blue ray) and you dont even have half of the extra features, you ungrateful weasel. i dunno whether i shud ask for a refund or a change of dvd or something, i mean i know it's pirated so it's not like you can expect much, but surely those pirates should know better to copy the whole thing from the original? grr

anyways i watched the documentary on jk rowling on the (original) dvd and i SO badly want to screencap the sutitles ala fuckyeahsubtitles at tumblr for this dearjkr.tumblr but i cant cap it on this pc cz it cant play dvd. thinking of borrowing someones laptop. or maybe i can do it in office hehe.

so tomorrow i'll do the other half of my plans for this weekend. tho it's already 4:41am and m still not sleeping yet so we'll see how things go.


December 15, 2009   01:29 AM PST
hmnn tgk la. geramgeramm
Raudzah !
December 14, 2009   10:22 PM PST
Makcik, jom lerr pergi refund ! The sooner the better !! I boleh drive kan u no prob :) I can remember the way to your house dgn jaya nya ! Mari mari !

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