Entry: the thing about rupert grint for me.. Monday, March 29, 2010

i'm single, and have been for a long time. and most of the time, i'm ok with that. i'm practically married to work, a lot of ppl have called me workaholic, and i'm so very ok with that. i just recently lost my phone, and i dont feel like buying a new one, because i dont want anybody contacting me so i can focus on my work.

so yeah, most of the time, i'm ok with being single, workaholic, and a recluse, then…then i go on tumblr, and i see a pic of rupert grint, and i feel so…lonely. not to sound ridiculous but when i see him, he reminds me of the things that i thought i dont miss. is that stupid?

i love everything about him. the eye bag, the stubble, the messy thick hair. the fact that he's shy and quiet, that's obvious from any interviews. i love that he's a hard worker, and he takes his job seriously. he loves his family and he likes to buy weird stuff. but he's also just a normal person. he likes golf and travelling and other little things.

i guess he reminds me a lot, of me. and that makes me a bit sad.


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