Entry: i am getting braces Sunday, June 06, 2010

though at the age of 25, i'm probably too old. too late to turn back now, i've already had 3 teeth taken out. getting wired this coming thursday.

which means i dont want to wear specs anymore. already i'm wearing tudung, now getting permanent pieces of metal wires on my teeth, a spectacle will be overcrowding my face i think. so goodbye glasses of 6 months age. i'll still wear you at home though. hope to get contacts tomorrow.

i just know i'll have problems with contact lenses. i think my eyes are kinda dry, and my eyelashes tends to fall off like rain, but you've got to try it first i think.

i also have lost my phone for about, i cant remember, 2 months now? and, i really dont care to buy another one, but everybody seems to want me too. i think, that's precisely the reason why i dont want to get another phone, being the rebel that i am.

also i am insanely addicted to glee. period.

this post was not intended to exist. hello bloggy sorry i have been neglecting you, so this was just a little update.


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