Entry: second week of june 2010 Thursday, June 24, 2010

this particular week needs to be chronicled somehow.

monday: deathly hallows trailer
i started the week knowing that the teaser trailer for the first part of the last harry potter movie will be revealed during mtv movie awards, what i did not foresee was, how devastated i was after i saw it, which reflected to the fact that my colleague had to pick up my slack throughout the day at work that day.

wednesday: glee season 1 finale
i have been religiously downloading glee episodes basically mere minutes after it is aired in the US for the past few months, aside from illegally obtaining the soundtrack minutes after it is on iTunes and proceeded with listening to the songs non stop so tell me, what do i do now? what i do now that there's nothing whatsoever to look forward to during the week?

thursday: braces day
i wasn't that nervous really. i know it was going to be painful so i'm prepared for that, and to be honest i was too tired to care. with the potter trailer and glee finale, tumblr was so crazy i stayed all night to join in the fun. i was so tired, i fell asleep as the dentist was putting the braces on. she pinched my jaw several time to ask me to shift my head left and right a bit, but other than that she let me sleep. looking back, that was really nice of her.

friday night: the what-ifs
what if i didn't go to melaka for hazwani's convocation thus would still be awake that time? what if they showed the france-uruguay match on tv and my sister is watching it downstairs by herself? what if there wasn't any match and she fell asleep in front of the tv by herself anyway? then maybe the burglar wont get into the house that night. but nonetheless he got in, but everybody is ok.
nut then again, my other sister still wont sleep alone in her room, and i feel like the house was raped somehow..maybe we're not that a-ok after all.

saturday: hazwani's convocation (CONGRATS DEAR!)
i hate convocations. it reminds me to mine, where i forgot to book us a place to stay, which prompted my parents to sleep in my friend's car because my mom was afraid to sleep in the surau by herself. while i'm happily sleeping with my friend on a nice bed. i shall never forgive myself.


'twas an eventful week. it was like a PMS of emotions. but i was just sad throughout the week, rather than angry and moody.

but saying that is not fair. because i remember grinning while the video of the trailer was starting and during that time hazwani was on the stage holding her medal while smiling at the camera man, so perhaps it wasn't that bad of a week after all.


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