Entry: ramadhan 1431/20 Saturday, September 04, 2010

it's either just how the weather should be today, or all the angels are making their way back to the heavens, because there's no sun outside right now. if lailatul qadar was last night, i think i might have had one of the worst ramadhan this year.

semalam aku khatam quran, tafsir sebenarnya, sebab tahun ni ingatkan nak faham maksud sekali selain daripada baca surah; tapi separuh je, sebab mula daripada juz 15 masa mula hari tu. lepas habis surah an-nas, ingatkan nak solat hajat, tapi mengantuk, pastu malas, terus pegi tido. pkul 1130 malam kot, raudzah call tanya pasal haniza. patutnya time tu boleh bangun solat kejap. tapi tak...terus tido balik. bila bangun balik dah masa sahur.

but i digress. though not entirely, as my feelings are akin to the gloomy sounds of this song that i am currently listening on loop.

but i have learnt a thing or two this ramadhan, and the one that stood out is this:
there are 4 rukun 'qali during solat (mesti disebut, didengar oleh diri sendiri) which are:
1) the first takbiratul ihram. ALLAHUAKBAR must be clear and complete.
2) al-fatihah in every rakaat.
3) the verses of tahiyat awal in tahiyat akhir. the rest are sunat.
4) the first salam.

who knows what's going to happen after the ramadhan. will i continue going to the mosque? will i continue with the first 15 juz of the tafsir? will i be a better person?

the bad news is i am already in too deep with sherlock, sherlock holmes the book, and the london trip. the attention i put in those compared to the attention i have for ramadhan is humiliating.


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