Entry: To be, or.. what? Sunday, February 06, 2011

Lately I don't know what to be. I'm old enough to know what are the consequences of staying up late online but that doesn't stop me sleeping at 3 am everyday. I'm not a film major yet my only aim in life right now is to watch all the films nominated for the Oscars to determine the most deserving of the best picture award. All my free time lately is devoted to reading fiction, when all the economic books related to the FRM exam I'm taking in May sits idle on the table. I've got a sum of windfall in the form of the yearly bonus from the company, and when my colleagues are formulating which stocks they're getting on KLSE, my money is festering in the bank vault.

According to everyone, I should 1) get my driver's license, 2) get a car, 3) find a boyfriend. None of which I'm remotely interested in doing.

So what is a person to do, if you just don't want to do anything?


February 21, 2011   03:10 PM PST

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