Entry: places i want/should go this year Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have a sudden urge/need to plan for a trip. You know, THE BIG TRIP OF THE YEAR kind of thing. Last year was London/Oxford/Paris/Dublin and I'm starting to feel what Aminah said about me and about traveling here is true. It is said that once you go black you can't go back, and I think I have caught the travel bug.

Australia or Japan
Should probably narrow that down to a specific state in that country but this just hit me so I have yet to research on where I would want to go. But no, I do know where I want to go, it's wherever they're having the premier of the Harry Potter is. Honestly, this is the last time it's going to happen in a long time, I doubt anyone is going to remake Potter anytime soon so this is the only chance I have to actually be in the presence of thousands of Potter fans without having any doubts with their level of fanaticism.
Japan is too expensive though, and I don't want the experience of getting furious over language barrier to happen again (Bonjour, Paris); so, perhaps Australia then. My only knowledge of Australia is from religiously following thefoodpornographer and she lives in Perth, beyond that Australia is an alien place to me.

Jordan and UMRAH
Jordan is because of this. This and this only. Period.
Since it's so close maybe I can go umrah first, then we can go the whole of Middle East. Jordan first though. OH AND THEN HERE. I know that is fiction and it's not probably true that you can simply walk into Palestine, and being Malaysian I can't go into Israel; but just imagine how cool would all that be.

Mostly because a lot of people on tumblr who are into Potter are there, and them Philipines love having tumblr meetups. Thus I can kill 2 birds with a stone: meet Potter fans AND go to a tumblr meetup. At least one where I know everyone will be sober. It's cheaper at least than the options above. Much MUCH cheaper.


At the back of my head I want to go for Umrah during Ramadhan, so that would be in August this year, but since I want Jordan/Middle East to happen too and I doubt I can survive the desert when I'm fasting, we have to put that on hold for later than that.

Potter premier is on July. JULY. If I really want to go to Australia I should probably start to think about booking flight tickets now.


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