Entry: i'm missing a (what i heard to be) good criminal minds episode to write this Monday, March 28, 2011

The past weekend saw me on an island for a little company retreat where I horribly sucked at the drinking game 'I've Never' (I'm a teetotaler though, that's probably I sucked?) in which a colleague drank too much and totally could not recall he told us that he is still staying with his ex because he can't simply kick her out and he can't himself move because he owns 80% of the furniture.

The company drinking sessions are actually my favourite part of any of our meet-ups, even when what I usually drink is your normal carbonated drink, it's fun listening to your colleagues sharing ~deep~ thoughts that only comes out when they're a little high. It's the stuff that I wish we talk about all the time, but topics like death and love are not what you can put in daily conversation.

However this time round it wasn't as fun. Probably because of the fact that my favourite conversationalist was not around so everything was just typical. One person keeps telling the same story I've heard a thousand times before and everybody keeps nodding in agreement. I don't know if these new people are being polite but everybody said yes to everything! I just hate conversations with no conflicting opinions, it makes me think I'm fucking abnormal from having a non mainstream thinking.

I would go all the way to not say what I really think just so that we can have a spicier thought exchange but noooo, turns out everybody on the floor (age range from 22 to 41) has already felt love. Seriously? If you have, why are you still single? I see love as forever so if those relationship did not last, it probably was not love!

My opinions are SO easy to spit and ridicule on and UGH, this could have been a potentially good conversation, so many things to discuss since everybody has their own definition of love but I didn't push it because I was busy rolling my eyes at the edge of the circle.

I stayed because one of them was telling the earlier story about his ex but then it was often interrupted but the other person who keeps telling the story I have heard before, and at the end the person with the ex story sort of passed out so we just have to adjourned the session.

I should have just slept.


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